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Multiparameter Technology

for Human and Veterinary Diagnostics


polycheck® product lines

Panels for human and veterinarian serum diagnostics

Test Kits for human serum diagnostics are available to test for allergies as well as autoimmune disorders. Variants of allergens or antigens can include: different numbers of targets to evaluate allergic responses in the field of inhalation, food, pediatrics, insects and other challenges. Additionally, regionally specialized panels are offered as well as panels intended to test the response to components and recombinant allergens. Concerning autoimmune disorders, the panels are suitable for general screenings as well as organ related autoaggression. In the field of veterinary diagnostics, the panels are customized for dogs, cats and horses with their characteristic problems.

What you need for the test:

Polycheck® Kit: Available from our distributors
Standard Lab Equipment: Rocking Shaker, Pipettes, Timer, Refrigerator
IT Equipment: Personal Computer (Win 7 or higher, Net Framework 3.5), Printer & Flatbed Scanner
Biocheck Imaging Software: Free Download on our website

Allergy Panels

Allergy Panels

Inhalation 10-I

Inhalation 10-II

Inhalation 10-III

Inhalation 20-I

Inhalation 30-I

Inhalation 30-II*

Food 10-III

Food 10-IV

Food 20-I

Food 30-I

Food 30-II

Paediatric 20-I

Paediatric 30-I

Atopic 20-I

Atopic 30-I

Atopic 30-II

IMF 10-I

Eczema 10-I

Korea I-Standard

Korea II-Inhalation

Korea III-Food

Iraq Inhalation 20*

Iraq Inhalation 20-II

Iraq Food 20*

Iraq Food 20-II

Iraq Atopic 20

Iran Inhalation 30*

Iran Food 30*

Gulf Inhalation 20*

Gulf Inhalation 30

Gulf Food 20*

Gulf Food 30

Mediterranean 20-I

Mediterranean 20-II

Bangladesh 30

Hungary Food 20

Hungary Inhalation 20

Hungary Paediatric 20

Lebanon Food 30

Lebanon Inhalation 30

Vietnam Food 20

Vietnam Standard 30

Atopic India 30

Paediatric India 30

Venezuela Food 20

Venezuela Inhalation 20

Dual Kit

Dual Kit 30

Insects / CCD plus

Milk plus Gluten 6

RecPollen-IT plus

Egg Components

RecPeanut-IT plus


Catalog & Instructions for Allergy

Any questions about
Allergy Panels?

Antje Bondzio
Contact Person Allergy
+49 (0)251 28 09 632

Veterinary Panels

Veterinary Panels

Canis 20

Canis CCD

Felis 20

Felis CCD

Equus 20

Catalog & Instructions for Veterinary

Any questions about
Veterinary Panels?

Dr. med. vet. Ute Borchard
Contact Person Veterinary
+49 (0)251 28 09 634


It only takes a PC and a scanner!

Our One-for-all-Software offers automatic panel-recognition by colour and identifiers. It offers you an easy and quick test approach documented either digitally or on printouts. For the interpretation of the test results, a flatbed CCD scanner or a CCD camera is needed. Correct panel recognition is crucial for reliable test results. For this purpose it is important to use one of our recommended scanner models.


Recommended Scanners

Any questions about
technical requirements?

Christoph Welling
Contact Person Technical Support
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