Polycheck® Diagnostics - Panels for human and veterinarian serum diagnostics

Polycheck® in vitro Diagnostic kits are multiparameter immunoassays for the quantitative
determination of allergen-specific immunoglobulins E (IgEs) or autoimmune disease related
immunoglobulins G and A (IgGs and IgAs) in blood samples.

Polycheck® Diagnostic kits contain single-use screening tests for professional medical users
when expecting a sensitization against one or more allergens respectively auto-antigens that can indicate a clinical allergy or autoimmune disorder.


Polycheck® Product Lines

A User-Friendly Testing System for Reliable Diagnostics

Polycheck® is an innovative product for Allergy and Autoimmune Tests with many advantages for nowadays test systems. More and more laboratories all over the world are using it and it can easily get started with you, too.

1. Taking a Blood Sample

A simple procedure that doctors and medical staff can easily perform. Unlike the Prick-Test this procedure does not directly expose the patient to allergens. Consequently, it is safe even for children under six as it is not interfering with the developing immune system.

2. Pipetting Serum

Serum is applied onto cassettes carrying membranes with different allergen composition or antigens. For up to 30 allergens only 200 µl volume is needed for testing which is highly sufficient and economic.

3. Incubating

At this stage it is important to follow the protocol concerning incubation times and conditions. There is a wide variety of different regional allergen compositions available.

4. Proceeding the Assay

The membranes have to be washed thoroughly several times according to the protocol. Special reagents are used for Allergy, Autoimmune and Veterinary tests, respectively ending with the final precipitation of AP-related substrate conversion reflecting the severeness of the disease.

5. Evaluating & Analyzing the Results

With the help of the Biocheck Imaging Software and a flatbed scanner it is simple to analyze the results, store, transfer and/or produce an easy-to-read printout.

6. Automated Testing

For high throughput testing we offer a fully automated solution including the imaging analysis.