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Multiparameter Technology

for Human and Veterinary Diagnostics

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    Polycheck® is easy to useSee how it works!

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    Polycheck® is easy to use See how it works!

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    Polycheck® is easy to use See how it works!

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    Polycheck® is easy to use See how it works!


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    Polycheck® is easy to use See how it works!

About Polycheck®

Innovative and reliable since 1999

Polycheck® is a brand of Biocheck GmbH. It stands for a platform technology to facilitate multiparameter testing in human and veterinarian medicine. Quantitative screening of different parameters can be processed in one test approach. The user-friendly Biocheck Imaging Software evaluates the tests precisely. Result documentation can be printed in numerous languages and stored in a central LIS, including the raw data image.

Short Facts

Produced in: Germany
Established: 1999
Distribution into countries: 30
Brand of: Biocheck GmbH
EN ISO: 13485:2016
GDMN Code: 30278
EDMA Code: 12 02 01 05

Biocheck Imaging Software &
System Requirements


Inexpensive and easy

With Polycheck® all you need is standard laboratory equipment for testing and a PC with flatbed scanner for analysis. Polycheck® is the ideal system for any size laboratory.

Test Procedure with Standard Lab Facilities

Fully Automated – Up to 48 Tests at Once


High-throughput and comfortable

The fully automated system is geared to large laboratories doing a high volume of testing. The automated Polycheck® solution allows you to run up to 48 tests simultaneously within an approximate time frame of 4.5 hours and finishes with clear, easy to interpret documentation. The software identifies the panels and gives quantitative results. Subsequently, it saves and archives the data which can be printed and/or transferred as needed.


Explanatory Video

The processing of Polycheck®-Diagnostics-Test is illustrated using the example of an Autoimmune Diagnostic testing. Please always pay carefully attention to the test protocol.

See for Yourself how Easy Polycheck® Works!


It only takes a PC and a scanner!

Our One-for-all-Software offers automatic panel-recognition by colour and identifiers. It offers you an easy and quick test approach documented either digitally or on printouts. For the interpretation of the test results, a flatbed CCD scanner or a CCD camera is needed. Correct panel recognition is crucial for reliable test results. For this purpose it is important to use one of our recommended scanner models.


Recommended Scanners

Any questions about
technical requirements?

Christoph Welling
Contact Person Technical Support
+49 | 251 | 93 25 85 17