Atopic 20-I

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24-Kit, A-Kit, Semi-A-Kit

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k202 CCD / Bromelain
f02 Cow’s milk
f78 Casein (nBos d8)
f76 Alpha-Lactalbumin (nBos d4)
f77 Beta-Lactoglobulin (nBos d5)
e204 BSA
f01/f75 Egg White / Egg Yolk Mix
f09 Rice
f14 Soybean
f92 Banana
f26 Pork meat
f27 Beef meat
f83 Chicken meat
fx10 Flour Mix
f45 Baker’s yeast
d01/d02 D. pteronyssinus / D. farinae Mix
m02/m06 Cladosporium herbarum / Alternaria alternata Mix
t03/t07 Birch pollen / Oak pollen Mix
t02/t04 Alder pollen / Hazel pollen Mix
gx7 6 Grass Mix
tIgE Total IgE