Atopic India 30*

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24-Kit, A-Kit, Semi-A-Kit

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h01 House dust
d01/d02 D. pteronyssinus / D. farinae
d201 Blomia tropicalis
i71 Mosquito
i06 Cockroach (Blatella germanica)
e02/e05 Dog epithelia
e01 Cat epithelia
g02 Bermuda Grass pollen
m02/m06 Cladosporium herbarum / Alternaria alternata
m01/m03 Penicillium notatum / Aspergillus fumigatus
f24 Shrimp, Pacific
f40 Tuna, Yellowfin
f23 Crab
f01/f75 Egg White / Egg Yolk Mix
f02 Cow’s milk
f04 Wheat flour
f45 Baker‘s yeast
f79 Gluten
f225 Pumpkin
f44 Strawberry
f25 Tomato
f35 Potato
f13 Peanut
f92 Banana
f36 Coconut
f14 Soybean
f93 Cacao (Chocolate)
f83 Chicken meat
f27 Beef meat
k202 CCD / Bromelain