Food 30-I

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24-Kit, A-Kit, Semi-A-Kit

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f25 Tomato
f96 Avocado
f92 Banana
fx29 Citrus Mix
f84 Kiwi
f13 Peanut
f17 Hazelnut
f12 Pea
f14 Soybean
f85 Celery
f27 Beef meat
f83 Chicken meat
f26 Pork meat
f207 Clam Shell
f24 Shrimp, Pacific
f23 Crab
f40 Tuna, Yellowfin
f03 Codfish
f47 Garlic
f48 Onion
f45 Baker’s yeast
f10 Sesame
f09 Rice
f08 Corn
f04 Wheat flour
f76 Alpha-Lactalbumin (nBos d4)
f77 Beta-Lactoglobulin (nBos d5)
f78 Casein (nBos d8)
f01 Egg White
k202 CCD / Bromelain