Korea II-Inhalation

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24-Kit, A-Kit, Semi-A-Kit

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w07 Oxeye Daisy pollen
g09 Redtop pollen
t61 Sycamore pollen
w11 Russian Thistle pollen
t17 Japanese Cedar pollen
t215 Lilac pollen
tx251 Ash Mix
t19 Acacia pollen
t04 Hazel pollen
w14 Pigweed pollen
g04 Meadow Fescue pollen
g02 Bermuda Grass pollen
g03 Cocksfoot pollen
w12 Goldenrod pollen
w08 Dandelion pollen
k82 Latex
m03 Aspergillus fumigatus
m02 Cladosporium herbarum
m01 Penicillium notatum
d72 Tyrophagus prutescentiae