Mediterran 20-II

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k202 CCD / Bromelain
t02 Alder pollen
t03 Birch pollen
t04 Hazel pollen
t05 Beech pollen
t07 White Oak pollen
t09 Olive pollen
t12 Willow pollen
t16 Pine pollen
m01 Penicillium notatum
m02 Cladosporium herbarum
m03 Aspergillus fumigatus
m06 Alternaria alternata
m11 Rhizopus nigricans
gx8 Grass Mix
h01 House dust
i01 Bee venom
i03 Wasp venom
e81 Sheep epithelia
w06 Mugwort pollen
w07 Oxeye Daisy pollen