Mediterran 20-I

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k202 CCD / Bromelain
d01 D. pteronyssinus
d02 D. farinae
d71 Lepidoglyphus destructor
d72 Tyrophagus prutescentiae
e01 Cat epithelia
e2/e5 Dog epithelia
e04 Cow epithelia
e85 Chicken feathers
g12 Rye pollen
g13 Velvet Grass pollen
g21 Quack grass pollen
g202 Maize pollen
gx8 Grass mix
w01 Ragweed pollen
w06 Mugwort pollen
w21 Wall pellitory pollen (P. judaice)
w204 Sunflower pollen
t14 Cottonwood pollen
t19 Acacia pollen
t23 Cypress pollen