Venezuela Food 20*

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24-Kit, A-Kit, Semi-A-Kit

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k202 CCD / Bromelain
fx80 Nut Mix I
f08 Corn
f09 Rice
f04 Wheat flour
f79 Gluten
f02 Cow’s milk
f76 Alpha-Lactalbumin (nBos d4)
f77 Beta-Lactoglobulin (nBos d5)
f78 Casein (nBos d8)
f07 Oat flour
f14 Soybean
f26 Pork meat
f83 Chicken meat
f01 Egg White
f75 Egg Yolk
fx29 Citrus Mix
f440 Shrimp, Atlantic
f40 Tuna, Yellowfin
f23 Crab
f93 Cacao (Chocolate)